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Air Ambulance Costs

The air ambulance cost depends on 5 factors:

  • The aircraft type
  • The distance flown
  • The number of medical personnel required
  • The airport landing fees
  • The distance ground ambulances need to travel


Air Ambulance Aircraft Costs

The aircraft type is primarily decided by the clinical needs of the patient. However for non-serious cases there is often a choice of aircraft and where this is the case we use the most cost effective aircraft available. The air ambulance cost depends on aircraft type.


The Cost and Distance Flown

The distance flown is determined by the location and destination of the patient. These are often fixed. However we can help the patient find alternative hospitals to help reduce flying time and airport costs where required.


Medical Crew Costs

The number of medical crew on aboard the air ambulance is dictated by the patient's medical needs.

The cost of the medics are:

Flight Surgeons: £700 per day
Doctors: £700 per day
Nurses: £350 per day
Paramedics: £350 per day


Airport Landing Fees

All airports charge landing and aircraft handling fees. They may also charge extension fees to keep the airport open and aircraft de-icing fees.

We use all the major airports in Europe however to reduce the cost of airport fees we use an RAF airport for flights into London.

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