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Recent Air Ambulance missions

  • Type Air Ambulance Flight
  • Journey Malaga (Spain) to London (UK)
  • Customer Feedback From the onset we knew we were in capable hands and when coming home on the day the crew, particularly the nurses assisting were so caring, compentent and extremely kind.
  • Type Air Ambulance Flight
  • Journey Monaco (France) to London (UK)
  • Customer Feedback I felt that at all times I was fully informed of the progress of the trip and timing and felt confident that matters were in hand.
  • Type Air Ambulance Flight
  • Journey Berlin (Germany) to London (UK)
  • Customer Feedback It was an extremely difficult time for us and the assistance which you provided was invaluable.
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5,880 Medical Flights Number of medical flights performed since 2012
11,700 Hospitals Number of hospitals visited since 2012
£29.3m Contracts Awarded Value of contracts awarded to IAS Medical since 2012