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Bed to Bed Repatriation

IAS Medical works closely with several insurance companies to repatriate individuals when they become sick or injured abroad. Depending on the patient’s condition, IAS Medical can arrange either a private air ambulance or commercial airliner repatriation to the UK, Ireland or other International destination.

Modern Air Ambulance Fleet

IAS Medical uses a modern fleet of strategically positioned Air Ambulance charter aircraft with specialist medical teams and equipment to provide around the clock solutions to the Travel Insurance Industry for the transportation of patients between hospitals. Each aircraft is managed by a flight and medical crew highly skilled in moving patients by Air Ambulance.

Worldwide Cover

IAS Medical have years of experience in the repatriation of patients of by Air Ambulance. We regularly fly patients back to the UK by Air Ambulance from Spain and other countries such as France, Italy, Greece and Switzerland to name but a few. In addition to the European theatre we have also provided International Air Ambulance flights to Africa, USA and Australia.

Our Insurance Services Include:

  • The management of a full bed to bed service including ground ambulances.
  • 24 hour a day assistance by a professional and caring team.
  • The medical planning and implementation of patient repatriation.
  • The provision of modern, well equipped, cost effective air ambulances.
  • The arrangement of admission to UK into both NHS and private hospitals.
  • Our G.P. Liaison Service.
  • Translation of medical notes.

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