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Medical Escorts

Medical Escorts on Scheduled Flights

IAS Medical can provide a Medical Escort Repatriation Service that is an alternative to our private air ambulance service when your loved one becomes ill or is injured abroad.

For less serious cases this service can provide a tremendous cost saving over a dedicated air ambulance . However, it must be stressed that this service provides a reduced level of medical care for the patient and will only be considered for non-serious cases.

Our Medical Escort will accompany the patient in the scheduled seats provided for normal passengers. The assistance and medical care provided will be basic and is only intended to ensure the comfort of the patient. This service is certainly not for seriously ill or critical patients.

Experienced Medical Staff

Our medical escort personnel are aero medically trained and accompany the patient every step of the way. IAS Medical staff are trained not only to assist and monitor our patients, but to help relieve the anxiety and stress associated with repatriation.

To learn more contact our 24 hour Team on 0870 042 1465.

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