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Penarth woman thankful after 25 foot fall

Filed under: Air Ambulance Use Stories — Posted by: Mark on February 19, 2012

A woman from Penarth who fell down a 25 foot cliff and was rendered unconscious has heaped praise on both the workmen who initially came to rescue her and the air ambulance who provided her with medical attention.

The 72-year-old Ann Strabel was hiking along the beach, just like any other day, when she fell on to the logs below St Marys Well Bay.

She was crying for help for almost an hour after coming around.

The workmen, who were thankfully in the area finally heard her plea and ran to her side before the air ambulance arrived.

The paramedics believed that there was a possible injury to her neck and so immobilised her immediately before proceeding to airlift her to the Universal Hospital of Wales.

She suffered severe bruising on her neck, shoulders, and back as well as a cut to the head and realises just how lucky she was to survive without further serious injury.

“It was bad luck more than anything I think, and I don’t remember much of what happened. I obviously fell a fair distance and was knocked unconscious. It’s amazing I didn’t break anything. It could have been the shock as much as any pain that caused me to lose consciousness. When I came around I knew I was in trouble. I was in severe pain and all I could do was shout ‘help, help’. Luckily some workmen overheard me and comforted me with blankets until the air ambulance arrived”.

The air ambulance receives visit from MP

Filed under: Air Ambulance News — Posted by: Richard on February 18, 2012

An MP has paid a visit to the air ambulance which continues to provide benefits by making its life saving service available to the constituents. (more…)

Pensioner wins air ambulance lottery before 90th birthday

Filed under: Air Ambulance Costs and Fundraising — Posted by: Andrew on

A senior citizen from Bexhill is making special plans in celebration of her 90th birthday party after a windfall in an air ambulance-run lottery. (more…)

The air ambulance service receives £50,000 donation

Filed under: Air Ambulance News — Posted by: Andrew on February 17, 2012

An air ambulance transported patients to the UK from the Isle of Man to the UK and has been rewarded with a donation for £50,000. (more…)

Air ambulance team photographs rescue

Filed under: Air Ambulance News — Posted by: Andrew on February 16, 2012

Retiree Brenda Acton was rescued by an air ambulance after she broke a leg on a school trip but still managed to film the rescue. The 62-year-old ex-teacher doesn’t (more…)

Fly by night air ambulances on the horizon

Filed under: Air Ambulance News — Posted by: Mark on February 15, 2012

Air ambulances are not presently allowed to fly after daylight by law. However, there is hope that change is on the horizon. (more…)

Call for VAT to be repaid on air ambulance fuel

Filed under: Air Ambulance Costs and Fundraising — Posted by: Mark on February 14, 2012

The Government should be repaying air ambulance charities the VAT they are charged on the fuel used to carry out their life saving work, according to a York politician.

The call has come from York Central MP (more…)

Brits remain unaware of Euro emergency number

Filed under: Research and Statistics — Posted by: Mark on February 13, 2012

A new survey has shown that the majority of people in the UK are unaware of the European emergency 112 number.

The news has come from the Foreign Office, who (more…)

Lancashire woman injured in Australia ‘not insured’ for repatriation

Filed under: Medical Repatriation — Posted by: Richard on

A young woman injured in a quad bike accident in Australia and left fighting for her life, could well not be covered for any medical or repatriation costs, according to her travel insurance provider.

The horrific accident occurred when (more…)

Local air ambulance funds frozen

Filed under: Air Ambulance Costs and Fundraising — Posted by: Richard on February 12, 2012

A novel item went up for sale last week, as the UK was gripped by plunging temperatures, freezing rain, black ice and drifting snow. In keeping with the season, a snowman was (more…)

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