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Fly by night air ambulances on the horizon

Filed under: Air Ambulance News — Posted by: Mark on February 15, 2012

Air ambulances are not presently allowed to fly after daylight by law. However, there is hope that change is on the horizon.

If European law comes into force, then air ambulances in the UK with the necessary training and equipment will be allowed to fly at night.

One air ambulance group have made changes to their equipment in hope that the upgrade will put them in a good position if the changes are implemented and they will be permitted to fly at night.

A number of European air ambulances which currently fly at night have proved that it helps to save lives with an increase of almost one third.

After having extended their hours to meet the extra daylight hours in Spring, they came to the rescue of 70 to 80 additional incidents during the Summer.

The chief executive of the air ambulance group says that it is important that air ambulances are in operation for daylight hours as well as in the dark to help as many people as possible.

“People tend to suffer accidents on the way to work and on the way home from work – in the Summer we can attend those accidents as it tends to be daylight. But in the Winter most of us drive to work in the dark and go home in the dark and we want to be able to cover those incidents all year round…hopefully at the start of next winter we will be flying at night time and helping as a result around 30% more people”.

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