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Grateful dad secures donation for air ambulance

Filed under: Air Ambulance Costs and Fundraising — Posted by: Andrew on March 11, 2012

13 year old Brandon Thompson has thanked the air ambulance team who rescued him when he fell from a tree.

Along with his mum, Brandon called upon the air ambulance’s base to donate a £300 cheque to the charity, on the behalf of his dad’s employer, John Lewis Partnership.

He fell 10 feet away from his home in Westbury, which saw him with a broken arm. The air ambulance team flew him to a hospital in nearby Bath.

Brandon have the paramedics cause for concern when they saw the severity of the break but is back injury was the priority so they decided to air-lift him.

Dad Darren was impressed by the speed and efficiency of the crew.

“They were terrific, it took them about four minutes to get him from Westbury to the hospital and they were very professional. Brandon had been climbing a tree in our front garden, he got about 10 feet up when the branch snapped. It was a dangerous tree, it has been cut down since. He’s not much of a tree climber, he was just messing around really.”

He spoke to the charity commission at John Lewis to ask them to make a donation to the charity, realising that donations are what keeps the service going.

His mum was also impressed with the communication between the members of the crew and the reassurance they offered to both her and her son.

Brandon was only too happy to meet the paramedic who saved him but has been steering away from climbing trees.

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