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Hidden costs of the growing Falklands problem

Filed under: Air Ambulances Abroad — Posted by: Mark on February 11, 2012

As the UN urges Argentina and Britain to resolve the escalating issues effecting the Malvinas/Falkland islands, many people may well be thinking back to the events of thirty years ago.

Things are some way off such military engagement of course, but the residents of the Falklands are already having to deal with toughening conditions.

The major problems are being felt by Argentina increasing checks on merchant vessels due to make port at Stanley. So severe, and costly, has this action been, that many companies are deciding to simply forgo a stop off in the Falklands.

This is making some foodstuffs incredibly hard to come by, with eggs even being rationed by guesthouses. Furthermore, the successful growing of vegetables is making it onto radio phone-ins.

This is all very trivial for those not having spent time in this rocky Atlantic outcrop and, in truth, is in many ways not unusual for the Falkanders who live a world apart – literally and figuratively – that that of their Crown country.

However, something which will appear far more threatening is the restriction of Argentinian air space.

Flights to the Falklands from South America are now down to just one per week, from Chile. However, with residents who fall ill often having to be transported to Chile or Uruguay by private air ambulance for treatment, any further restrictions could pose a real threat to public health.

Those who live on the Falklands are a hardy lot; they have to be, but as they become more and more isolated, no number of royal visitors or UK destroyers patrolling the waters are going to improve daily living.

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