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Medical Repatriation

Filed under: — Posted by: admin on February 6, 2012

Medical repatriation is the act of transporting a person back to their country of origin, if they are injured or taken ill abroad. This may be by a chartered air ambulance or commercial airliner, depending on the patient’s condition. We at IAS Medical are the leading air ambulance service in Europe, offering medical repatriation services for insurance companies, hospitals, embassies, private individuals and major companies across the world.

There has been an increasing demand for medical repatriation in recent years. More people than ever are holidaying abroad, often to exotic destinations with limited health care facilities. The number of elderly travellers and thrill seekers has increased too, along with all those who go abroad for work purposes. On top of this there has been a steady growth in medical tourism, and while many of our bookings are made for travel insurance purposes, we at IAS Medical also supply air ambulances for private hospitals and individual travellers.

When arranging travel insurance, it’s important to realise not all policies cover medical repatriation, and a private air ambulance can run into several thousand pounds. However, we at IAS Medical regularly fly uninsured travellers home, offering a high quality of service at a highly affordable price. For less critical cases, other options are available, such as stretcher repatriation on a commercial airliner, and medical escorts on conventional flights.

However critical the patient’s condition, they will get the highest level of care during the medical repatriation process. Air ambulances are business-class jets equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, staffed by fully qualified doctors and nurses, ensuring patients receive hospital-level bed-to-bed care from beginning to end.

From the departure hospital they (and a family member if needed) are smoothly transferred to a ground ambulance and whisked to the waiting plane. At touch down, another ambulance is waiting to take the patient on to their private or NHS hospital, where the medical repatriation team will handle admission and transfer of medical notes.

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