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Pensioner wins air ambulance lottery before 90th birthday

Filed under: Air Ambulance Costs and Fundraising — Posted by: Andrew on February 18, 2012

A senior citizen from Bexhill is making special plans in celebration of her 90th birthday party after a windfall in an air ambulance-run lottery.

Brenda Hills began playing the lottery of the charity in 2009 and finally won the jackpot in last Wednesday’ draw.

She is not the only recent winner from Bexhill, however, as Roy Dear also won the life-saving charity’s lottery in October of last year so it clearly an area enjoying its fair share of luck at the moment.

Now she is planning to spare no expenses in marking the milestone occasion in 2012 with a party far in excess of what she would have without her lottery winnings, clearly intending to take full advantage of the situation.

“It’s a big one so I can probably afford a party. I’m not usually a very lucky person and I’ve never won anything before so this is a lovely surprise. I like to support these charities and the Air Ambulance is a wonderful service that does so much good. I thought the lottery was a good idea and signed up straight away. I’ve got a string of dental appointments coming up and the money will help pay for them”.

The Air Ambulance lottery is just £1 to play and sees 12 winners each and every week. Winnings range from between £25 and £1,000.

There is also a Superdraw which again, costs £1 a week but with a much larger jackpot of £25,000. Last week failed to see a winner and rolled over to £14,006.

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