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29 November 2021

Why use an air ambulance?

People don’t expect to be taken ill or injured when travelling abroad, but if they are their condition may well require repatriation by air ambulance. UK citizens can rely on us at IAS Medical to provide their loved ones with the medical care and support they need, should they require transport home for hospital treatment.

There are many benefits to using a private chartered air ambulance. UK companies such as us at IAS Medical offer a round-the-clock bed-to-bed service 365 days a year, so no matter how out-of-season your travel arrangements are, you know you will be expertly cared for. All flights are managed by a UK-based multilingual medical team, who track each flight and keep you and your family updated at every stage.

Air ambulances are fitted out as mobile ICUs, with generally two flight crew and at least one doctor and nurse or paramedic. Highly experienced and aero-medically, they have access to all the medical equipment and pharmacy supplies they need to deal with any clinical situation, no matter how life-threatening. Whether they have paid privately or used travel insurance for their air ambulance, UK patients get the benefit of a medical co-ordinator whose job it is to arrange hospital departures and admissions, door-to-door ground ambulance transfers, and retrieval of medical notes.

However, we don’t just offer medical repatriation by air ambulance to UK destinations – or even just UK travellers. With air ambulances strategically positioned throughout the UK and Europe, we can respond rapidly to any repatriation request, with powerful Lear Jets for international destinations such as Australia, Africa and the USA.

Medical repatriation isn’t the only use for an air ambulance. For UK transplant teams, we at IAS Medical offer a vital service, transporting patients by chartered air ambulance for lifesaving surgery in UK, Ireland and international hospitals. As an approved supplier of aviation services to NHSBT (NHS Blood and Transplant) and UKTFT (UK Transportation for Transplant), we also offer surgical team transport; we even transport donor organs, blood and tissue.