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21 November 2021

Why would I need an Air Ambulance in Switzerland?

The varied landscape and climate of Switzerland has led to it becoming one of the leading winter sports destinations in Europe, with a constant flood of mountaineering and hiking enthusiasts once the snows have gone. With the rise in health tourism, and the popularity of the region with elderly visitors, you can see why there is always a need for an air ambulance in Switzerland.

The oldest skiing destination in the world and home to the infamous Matterhorn and Eiger, Switzerland can be a treacherous place for both citizens and tourists. A not-for-profit air rescue helicopter service, established in 1952, offers emergency medical assistance in the mountains and other areas where life-threatening situations occur – including the rescue of alpine livestock. There is also a private air ambulance, used for Switzerland residents who get taken ill abroad and need to be brought home.

We at IAS Medical offer medical repatriation for people who need an air ambulance from Switzerland to the UK or another destination. Our modern, fully equipped fleet includes Cheyenne, King Air 200 and Lear Jet 35/55 aircraft, all fully certified and crewed by experienced aero medically qualified doctors and nurses. Strategically located to provide the quickest possible transfer between aircraft and hospitals, they offer a bed-to-bed solution for those who are injured or taken seriously ill in Switzerland and need urgent repatriation.

There are many reasons to need an air ambulance. In Switzerland, Skiing, tobogganing and mountaineering accidents are common, but even restful breaks can become life-threatening – especially if you don’t speak the language. We at IAS Medical have trained, multilingual staff who will liaise with Swiss medical staff, retrieve and translate medical notes, arrange door-to-door ground ambulances, and supervise admission in the UK. We also liaise with the patient’s GP, as well as family members, at all stages of the repatriation process. Switzerland is bristling with public airports and military airfields, so if you need an air ambulance from Switzerland, we can arrange it.