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Cancer Patients

Here to help you through Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you may wish to travel abroad for treatment. Perhaps you have travelled abroad for a holiday, only to find that your travel insurance does not provide adequate cover for your medical condition.

IAS Medical is experienced in providing air ambulance services for cancer patients, whatever your reasons for flying. We offer a comprehensive bed-to-bed service, taking care of everything on your behalf, providing peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

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Prioritising your Comfort and Care

For many years, IAS Medical has been providing fully NHS-approved air ambulance services from the UK and around the world. You can find out what our customers think by reading our air ambulance reviews.

Where we fly from

Our air ambulance services operate across the globe, offering medical transportation from the UK to many other countries across Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

We can also provide air ambulance transportation to Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic in southern Germany. If you have chosen the Hallwang Clinic for your cancer treatment, our experienced medical team will help you get there.

Your comfort is our priority. To ensure we’re able to provide the care you need throughout the duration of your journey, we’ll fully assess your medical requirements. This allows us to determine whether you are fit to fly and enables us to make any necessary adjustments to how we fly. For example, we may need to alter the altitude we fly at.

We understand that you may want a companion to travel with you. While we always endeavour to meet this request, space is often limited on our aircrafts due to the medical equipment on-board. However, we will do all we can to allow one passenger to accompany you.

Passenger travel is subject to acceptance from our medical teams. We request that all patients complete a companion health questionnaire, which we can use to establish whether you are fit to fly.

To help keep stress to a minimum during this difficult time for you and your family, the following is included as standard with our air ambulance services.


Collect you from your hospital ward.


Get your medical notes together, and translate them if needed.


Arrange for you to be transferred by ground ambulance to our fully equipped medical aircraft.


Provide highly trained medics to accompany you to your destination.


Organise your admission to an NHS or private hospital in your destination country.


Transport you from the aircraft to the destination.

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