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Public to have say on Organ Transplant Incentives

Date: 23-Apr-2010

Cash incentives and the payment of funeral expenses are two ideas being put forward to encourage people to donate human organs and tissue.

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics is asking the public if it is ethical to use financial incentives to increase donations of organs, eggs and sperm.

Paying for most types of organs and tissue is illegal in the UK.

The public consultation will last 12 weeks and the council's findings will be published in autumn 2011.

It will explore ways of boosting donations from living people of bodily material such as blood or sperm, as well as ways to encourage more people to sign up for the donor register and state their wishes for their organs to be used by others after their death.

As well as cash payments or contributions towards funeral costs, other options include priority for the donor if they require a transplant later in life, the payment of more generous expenses and the sending of certificates or "thank you" letters to the donor or donor's family.

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