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Air Ambulance moved too soon:

Date: 08-Jun-2010

Liberal politicians are criticizing the provincial government for moving an air ambulance to Labrador before a medical team to work with it has been put in place in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

In an emergency, the plane must fly to St. John's, pick up a nurse and paramedic, and then fly back to Labrador.

"It's an hours extra flying time in a crucial situation. We're talking life or death, all because we've decided to move the airplane prematurely," said Liberal Marshall Dean in the house of assembly, Tuesday.

Dean represents the Straits-White Bay North district, where the air ambulance was based until recently.

The provincial government said it is hiring a medical team that will be based in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, but it may take a year.

Its officials explained that the Air Ambulance is mostly used for routine patient transfers in which emergency medical teams are not required.

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