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No need for Repatriation as Air Ambulance takes man to hospital after falling into a bonfire

(27-Jul-2010) An 18 year old fell into a bonfire at his home in the north west town of Donald, Australia.

Air Ambulance takes New Zealand hunter to Hospital without repatriation

(25-Jul-2010) An Air Ambulance rescued a man from death after being gored by a boar!

Abu Dhabi uses Air Ambulance seven times in one week for non repatriation flights.

(23-Jul-2010) Their Air Ambulance transported five people who were injured in traffic accidents and two suffering from illness to hospitals.

Icelandic bus crash victims repatriation by Air Ambulance

(22-Jul-2010) 6 people were injured, one critically on Wednesday when a bus crashed in Iceland.

900 Mile Cycle Ride to Calne through Col Du Grand St Bernard for Air Ambulance

(15-Jul-2010) Friends Dean Burry and Dan Taylor will attempt to ride an impressive 900 miles from Milan in Italy to their home town of Calne later this month.

Teenager cycles from Forest Row to Amsterdam in support of Air Ambulance.

(14-Jul-2010) A TEENAGER who suffered "life-changing" injuries in a motorbike accident is cycling to raise money for the Air Ambulance that rescued him.

Man who fell into a lift shaft is rescued by Air Ambulance

(14-Jul-2010) The contractor was repairing a lift door at Bowmans flour Mill, Ickleford near Hitchin when he fell and sustained a head injury.

Cyclist crushed under bus

(12-Jul-2010) It took more than one Air Ambulance, the fire brigade and police to free the trapped cyclist from under the bus.

Pupils fund Air Ambulance replica for display

(11-Jul-2010) A REPLICA of the EC135 emergency helicopter used by the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust has been provided for the charity through fund-raising efforts of pupils at Shiplake College.

Air Ambulance helps rescue man on Mundesley beach

(11-Jul-2010) The Air Ambulance was called out to help a man who suffered a suspected broken leg whilst flying a kite.


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