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Abu Dhabi sends Air Ambulance to assist with Seychelles bus accident victims

(26-Jun-2010) President James Michel received a message of support and sympathy from the President of the United Arab Emirates and the Emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, following a bus accident on the island of Praslin on Friday.

Air Ambulance Services could soon be transporting home grown livers for transplantation

(25-Jun-2010) Livers grown in the laboratory could solve organ transplant shortage.

Man in his 60's fell 15ft off a ladder and had to be rescued by Air Ambulance!

(24-Jun-2010) The Air Ambulance treated the man after a ladder fall in Burwood Park, Walton.

Four leaf clover found on imapled mans back after he was rescued by Air Ambulance

(24-Jun-2010) Medics found a four-leaf clover stuck to the back of a young driver who survived a crash that left him speared through the chest by a fence post.

Air Ambulance called to Brittania bridge "Jumpers"

(21-Jun-2010) Two men who leapt from a bridge in what onlookers feared was a suicide have been told to do 120 hours' unpaid work.

Gatwick Airport unveils 'challenger brand'

(20-Jun-2010) London Gatwick Airport is rolling out a new brand identity, as part of a £1bn relaunch of the airport by new owners Global Infrastructure Partners.

Rail link to Gatwick Airport put on hold over finance

(19-Jun-2010) Ambitious plans for a direct train link from Kent to Gatwick Airport have been derailed by a lack of money.

British Airways passengers facing 12 more weeks of strikes

(17-Jun-2010) On Wednesday talks again collapsed failing to unite both sides of the BA dispute, the stage is now set for further strike action from August.

Shropshire woman is hospital’s first Air Ambulance rescued patient

(16-Jun-2010) A 60-year-old woman injured at a tourist attraction in Shropshire was the first patient to be airlifted to new facilities at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Plane Stupid protest delayed take-off for Air Ambulance at Aberdeen airport.

(15-Jun-2010) Airport manager tells court that emergency helicopter flight was unable to leave because the airport had been shut down.


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