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Trading standards to probe 'misleading' Air Ambulance appeal

(15-Jun-2010) Trading Standards have begun an investigation into leaflets which have been distributed to homes in the Portsmouth area, featuring the bold heading 'Air Ambulance Services'.

On the ball for Air Ambulance

(09-Jun-2010) Football mad young Rooneys and Beckhams were showing off their tricks in Bracknell town centre, including the girls, and helped raise more than £300 for a high-flying charity.

Air Ambulance sets the date for Jenson Button auction

(09-Jun-2010) The 12th June 2010 has been set for the auction of items personally donated and autographed by Formula One world champion Jenson Button.

Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance leaftlet scam hits Coventry

(09-Jun-2010) As reported in the Telegraph earlier this week, the leaflets have also been delivered in other Counties.

Glasgow airport worst hit by volcanic ash disruption

(09-Jun-2010) The volcanic ash cloud and industrial action by BA cabin crew hit passenger numbers at Scotland's airports in May.

Air Ambulance moved too soon:

(08-Jun-2010) Canadians are moving an Air Ambulance from northern Newfoundland to Labrador.

Air Ambulance rescues man who amputated his own fingers

(08-Jun-2010) A LORRY driver amputated three of his fingers in a freak accident.

Probe into fake leaflets asking for Air Ambulance donations

(07-Jun-2010) THOUSANDS of “misleading” leaflets have dropped through the letterboxes of homes in Warwickshire falsely claiming to be from the Air Ambulance Service.

Airport landing fees cut for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

(06-Jun-2010) A vital emergency helicopter is flying that little bit higher after airport bosses slashed its landing fees.

Jenson Button supports Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

(05-Jun-2010) A COLLECTION of items donated and autographed by Formula One world champion Jenson Button is to be auctioned by the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.


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