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Air Ambulance "Bags a Bra" for charity

(03-Jun-2010) Hundreds of Basingstoke residents have given up their bras as part of an uplifting charity drive.

***Irish Airspace Closed***

(03-May-2010) Irish Airspace Closed for 7 hours due to Volcanic Ash. Could be extended...

Michael Owen backing Great North Air Ambulance

(01-May-2010) FORMER Toon star Michael Owen has backed the use of his old helicopter as an air ambulance.

Air Ambulance man wrestled with thief taking charity bags

(27-Apr-2010) An air ambulance driver collecting bags left out for charity tracked down a thief who had been stealing the donations.

Lack of air capacity hampers repatriation efforts

(25-Apr-2010) Thousands of British passengers are still stranded abroad as the fallout from the volcanic ash continues.

Cancer sufferers travel without travel insurance

(24-Apr-2010) According to research by UK cancer charity Macmillan, eight per cent of people who have suffered from cancer have had resort to travelling without cover as a result of ‘overpriced’ travel insurance because of past medical conditions.

Public to have say on Organ Transplant Incentives

(23-Apr-2010) Cash incentives and the payment of funeral expenses are two ideas being put forward to encourage people to donate human organs and tissue.

Repatriation of Britons Continues after Volcano

(22-Apr-2010) Mark Tanzer, Abta chief executive, said: "While most flights are back to normal, and most stranded British passengers will be back by the end of this weekend, there is still quite a high level of disruption in some destinations. "In some areas of the world, there is a significant lack of air capacity to enable British people to be returned quickly."

Air Ambulance Helicopters Airborne after Volcano

(18-Apr-2010) Air Ambulance Helicopters from Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance have once again taken to the skies. They were grounded last Friday because of ash from the Icelandic volcano and were given permission to fly again on Monday morning but only to emergencies.

Air Ambulance Services for China Quake Victims in Qinghai

(14-Apr-2010) China has been sifting rubble for survivors of the deadly quake which hit the remote Qinghai region as thousands spent a freezing night in the open.


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