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IAS Medical invites businesses to tender for office expansion and redesign work

(01-May-2019) IAS Medical Tender Notification

IAS Medical gets NEW Air Ambulance

(26-Jun-2011) On 31 March 2011 IAS Medical took ownership of a new air ambulance aircraft. The aircraft will become a dedicated NHS transplant aircraft to help transport organs around the UK. Aircraft PDF to follow.

IAS Medical in the "Jarrow Gazette"

(11-Aug-2010) A SOUTH Tyneside oil rig worker left paralysed after a swimming pool accident in Spain was being flown home to the UK today by European Air Ambulance Firm IAS Medical.

IAS Medical in the "Newcastle Journal"

(08-Jul-2010) IAS Medical has launched a new air ambulance. Fully details can be found in the Newcastle Journal online.

IAS launches new Air Ambulance

(06-Jul-2010) IAS Medical acquires a new Air Ambulance dedicated to the NHS Patient and Transplant flights.

IAS passes NHS Air Ambulance Audit

(28-Apr-2010) IAS Medical is a long-established air ambulance company providing a state-of-the-art national and international bed to bed air ambulance patient transfer service. Our high Air Ambulance standards are guaranteed through regularly audits performed by the NHS.

Anthony Gold Solicitors appoint IAS

(23-Apr-2010) IAS Medical were appointed by Anthony Gold Solicitors to repatriate a Brazilian National from London to Sao Paulo.

NHS Transplant Flight to Stockholm

(21-Apr-2010) IAS Medical transported a surgical team from the UK to Stockholm to bring a life saving heart back to the UK for transplant.

European Airspace Open

(18-Apr-2010) IAS Medical can now perform certain types of medical repatriation flights within UK and Northern Europe.

*** UK Airspace Closed ***

(14-Apr-2010) UK National Air Traffic Service: From midday today until at least 6pm, there will be no flights permitted in UK controlled airspace. This has been applied in accordance with international civil aviation policy. We continue to monitor the situation with the Met Office and work closely with airline customers and adjoining countries. We will review the situation later today to understand what further action will be required. It is very unlikely that the situation over England will improve in the foreseeable future.


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