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IAS joins forces with RAF and Police

Date: 28-Nov-2009

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As the only dedicated Air Ambulance service provider in our industry sector IAS Medical were appointed by the NHS to carry out the transfer of a child called S, accompanied by his Mum from their home in the West Midlands to the Hospital for sick children in Edinburgh.

S needed to go to Edinburgh for specialist treatment and due to his particular clinical condition IAS Medical only had a four hour time window in which to complete the transfer.

The road journey from S's home to the awaiting IAS Medical air ambulance at Birmingham International Airport had to occur during rush hour traffic conditions and road traffic delays could have had serious medical consequences for S.

IAS Medical were able to draw on their wealth of experience and expertise to resolve any potential problems before they occurred.

We liaised with the local Police Road Traffic department to arrange a blue light high speed Police escort for our road ambulance.

Our meticulous planning and attention to detail ensured that S left his home, was flown to Edinburgh International airport then, following another road ambulance transfer, reached his Hospital bed in Edinburgh with ample time to spare.

S's return home after treatment was made quicker and easier for him by IAS Medical negotiating permission from the RAF for our air ambulance and ground ambulance to use the military facility at RAF Conningsby.

Following S's return from hospital his Mum said:

"This was the first time S and I have had to make this journey and I must admit I was worried for S.

However I needn't have worried at all thanks to IAS Medical. I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic service and support you gave us throughout.

S will have to repeat this journey for his treatment and I want nobody but IAS Medical taking care of us."

IAS Medical teams up with RAF and Motorway police

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