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IAS Wins NHS Tender
Invitation to Parliament
Sky One Documentary 

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NEW Telephone Translation Service

(13-Apr-2010) IAS Medical has launched a new translation service for its air ambulance clients ! We now provide over 150 languages and 3 way conference calls to enable live conversations to be translated between IAS Medical, clients, hospitals and airports 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Air Ambulance documentary for Sky1

(19-Jan-2010) IAS Medical sought after by T.V. documentary producer.

IAS invited to speak to MP's

(07-Jan-2010) IAS Medical requested by parliament to consult on developing aircraft legislation.

IAS joins forces with RAF and Police

(28-Nov-2009) IAS Medical teams up with RAF Airport and Motorway Police.

IAS wins NHS Tender

(09-Sep-2009) IAS Medical wins NHS Flight Contract for next 2 years.

IAS Marketing heads to Spain

(31-Jul-2009) IAS Medical heads to Spain to visit hospitals, private clinics and old friends.

IAS completes the "Bring Berny Home Campaign"

(06-Aug-2008) IAS Medical repatriates Berny from Spain to UK. See news article.


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