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18 March 2012

Air ambulance lottery proving a huge success

The Flight for Life Lottery which raised funds for an air ambulance service is seeing great success with more members than at any other time in its history, dating back to 1998. There are 50,000 numbers in with a chance to win the prize which, of course, helps in saving lives.

The draw occurred at the head office of the charity on the 18th of January.

Past Lottery winners were invited for tea on the 13th of March at Great Hallingbury Manor. The air ambulance also attended, allowing guests to meet them and see the vehicle first-hand.

Three members of Flight for Life won the Superdraw jackpot in February, clearly a month which saw its share of luck. St. Albans’ Mike Burgess was the first to win, claiming just over £8,000 on the first day of the month. He became a member of the lottery in June of last year after being visited by a canvasser for the air ambulance.

Mike didn’t expect to win and so doesn’t have any real plans on how to spend his winnings:

“Television has shown the work of the Air Ambulance in remote and mountainous areas, but the miles of very busy motorways and main roads in Hertfordshire also create the risk of serious incidents and the need for the Air Ambulance to speed up the treatment of casualties and their journey to hospital. I might look for a more ambitious holiday this year, but the cost of providing the Air Ambulance is so high that I think some of the win will have to go back as future support.”