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16 February 2012

Air ambulance team photographs rescue

Retiree Brenda Acton was rescued by an air ambulance after she broke a leg on a school trip but still managed to film the rescue. The 62-year-old ex-teacher doesn’t like to waste an opportunity and she grasped at this one after her accident in the Yorkshire hills.

The grandmother from Wilmslow was on the trip with a primary school based in Cheshire and took a walk with her camera but ended up the subject of her own photography after she fell and broke her leg in three places.

Calder Valley mountain rescue team made the first move by taking her back to base on a stretcher before an air ambulance made its way to a farming field and picked her up from there. However, throughout the entire event, she asked the rescue team to take photographs.

Mrs Acton said the rescue team were only too happy to help her capture the memories of the rescue.

“I walked quite a way and hadn’t told anyone where I was going. I thought I’d be back before anyone was up. I got some great pictures but then on the way back, and about 20 minutes from the site, I fell. I knew straight away I’d broken my leg. And to be honest, I panicked. I thought what if nobody finds me. It’s good to be able to look back at it. The rescue teams were keen for pictures too so they could use it as an example of what not to do in the hills.”