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23 December 2011

Air ambulance used to transport conjoined twins in Brazil

An air ambulance has been used to transport conjoined twins born in Brazil, so they can receive the specialist care needed to give them the best chance of survival.

Delivered by caesarean section in an Anajas hospital in the country’s northern Para state, the twins and their mother were flown by to Belem, the state capital, by a private Air Ambulance with a professional medical evacuation team on board.

The twins have been born with the rare condition dicephalic parapagus, caused by an issue in the womb resulting in one of the pair not developing properly. Thought to effect one in 100,000 pregnancies, only half continue to full term with many dying through later complications.

The twins, named Emmanuel and Jesus are both said to be doing well, with both brains functioning normally. However, despite both boys having a fully developed brain and spine, all other important organs are shared.

For surgeons this presents a huge challenge and it is presently thought that there will be no attempt made to separate them.

Though a rare condition, dicephalic parapagus twins have gone on to live active lives.

In the US, two sisters have become celebrities. Making appearances on coast to coast TV chat shows, 21 year old Abigail and Brittany Hensel have passed their driving tests, graduated from high school and are now studying at College.

Whilst the mission was an unusual one, it underpins what an essential service throughout the world, in the UK and across Europe, air ambulances provide. Whether for medical repatriation or ski slope rescues, they are on hand.