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02 February 2012

BP boss in air ambulance after fall from plane

A leading British businessman has undergone emergency treatment to his skull, following a fall from the steps of a private jet that landed in Russia.

Mr Alexander Dodds, a 54 year old oil executive from Scotland with a background working at leading oil industry companies, had flown into Vnukovo-3 airport in Moscow on the evening of Friday January 28.

It is understood that he had been drinking vodka on the flight and, according to one of the air-stewardesses on the business only flight:

“…did not eat at all, was quiet (and) was just too tired”.

Mr Dodds had flown into Moscow following a business meeting in the oil town of Nadym in western Siberia. Getting off the jet, it appeared he stumbled, losing his footing and fell the full length of the steps onto the apron where the aeroplane had come to a stop.

He was immediately treated at two leading Moscow Clinics – the Burdenko army hospital and the Sklifosofski Hospital. Both are globally known for the aptitude of their neurosurgeons and high level of care they provide.

Following this treatment, Mr Dodds was quickly and safely transferred to a specialised clinic in Berlin by air ambulance, where he continues to receive treatment to a fracture at the base of his skull.

He is now said to be in a stable condition, according to a statement released by the oil company.

Reading from a prepared statement, the BP spokesman went on to say that a

“…full investigation into the causes of the incident has been initiated.”