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12 February 2012

Quarter of all over-65s denied travel insurance

Recent research from over-50s specialist Saga has indicated that as many as one in four of over-65s seeking travel insurance have been turned down.

Such a trend is causing many people to travel without cover. This means risking financial insecurity as well as severe challenges when seeking adequate treatment in the event of illness or injury whilst abroad.

However, the research by Saga also shows that 97% of people denied for cover, upon trying again, will be successful elsewhere, rendering such decisions even more foolhardy.

When seeking travel insurance as you get older though, it is important to go about things in the right way, particularly if you have a pre-existing health condition.

Not disclosing this to your insurer will render any claim void. This is true even if the claim is due to something not directly linked to the existing condition, such as a car accident or mugging.

As a result, those falling foul of non-disclosure in this way may well find themselves having to pay for all healthcare costs, including medical repatriation by air ambulance; the cost which can run into thousands of pounds.

It is true that an existing medical condition reduces the options, but those without such conditions also have to contend with shrinking options. Indeed, despite people living for longer and being more active now, travel insurance cost steadily rises from the age of 50

However, there are a growing number of insurers who feel this unfair on the majority, keep cover costs down and strive to insure all people no matter their age or health, so shopping around is advisable.