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13 December 2011

UK air ambulance needs help to name cartoon mascot

The Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA) in the South West of the UK are running a fun competition for its younger supporters to name its new mascot – a cartoon chopper.

The fun and friendly design has been created by a paramedic friend of the charity; the DSAA hopes this will provide a great avenue for marketing the invaluable service in the local area.

There have already been some excellent suggestions for the cheeky yellow “chopper”, including ‘Dumpling’, ‘Amby’ and ‘Doris’. However, more entries are wanted.

Those kids wanting to take part have until January 30 2012 to get their creative thinking caps on and get their ideas in.

It is probably no surprise that 2011 has been yet another busy year for the DSAA, but this year has seen a notable rise in children being transported. Largely because of the increase in outdoor activities that kids are now taking part in in the UK, the air ambulance has taken 108 kids to hospital for emergency care.

Notable medical escorts have been an 11 month old baby boy called Reuben, who had suspected meningitis, and an 18-month old baby boy called Archie who suffered bad burning to his leg following a family outing to a local beach.

Happily, both kids have made a full recovery and are doing well back home with their families. Praised for their actions by parents of both Reuben and Archie, the cases highlight the variety of missions these vital services are needed for every day of the year.