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04 February 2012

US volunteer shot in Haiti thanks air ambulance service

A team of paramedics and pilots, who successfully rescued a US volunteer shot in a drive-by shooting in Haiti, have been thanked by the man they evacuated to Miami in the USA.

Chad Esh, a 21 year-old who was in the country to help the ongoing recovery following the earthquake that struck the western part of Hispaniola more than a year ago, was travelling in the back of a vehicle when he was shot.

The incident, which was unprovoked, took place just outside the capital of Port-au-Prince. Due to the poor state of medical assistance and the location, Esh was at one point at risk of bleeding to death, according to local reports.

Talking about the incident, Esh said:

“… I thought that this was it…”

Thankfully, a team of doctors from the University of Miami was able to tend to him.

A little later, the air ambulance flew over from their base at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, and transferred him to the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami.

It was back at the medical crew’s base in Fort Lauderdale that Esh managed to meet the team for the first time. Also given the chance to take a look around the jet that repatriated him to the States, he thanked the crew and said he was eager to return to Haiti.

The shooting was the second such incident in January, coming shortly after another volunteer was shot and robbed having left a Haitian bank with money for an orphanage that he and his wife are building in the country.