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European Air Ambulance Service From Spain to UK

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Our Air Ambulance Service From Brazil to UK

At IAS Medical we provide a dedicated air ambulance service from Brazil to the UK.   

We provide this service to Hospitals, Governments, British Embassies, Insurance Companies and uninsured private individuals.

Departure Airports in Brazil

We repatriate patients from all major airports in Brazil.

To be specific, we fly patients from Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro.

We minimise ground ambulance transfer times in Brazil and the UK by always using the nearest airport to the patient.

This means not only do we repatriate patients from all the major Brazil International airports, but to provide the best possible medical care we also have permission to use hundreds of smaller local airports and military airbases throughout Brazil and the UK.

Air Ambulance Aircraft

Our air ambulances and medical crews operate between Brazil and the UK 24 hours a day.

The air ambulance we choose for your repatriation will depend on the medical condition of the patient.

For air ambulance flights from Brazil to the UK we use the following aircraft:

All our air ambulances are fully certified and staffed with experienced and aero medically qualified Doctors and nurses.

Air Ambulance Patient Services

Our Air Ambulance Flights from Brazil include the following patient services as standard:

A Fully Approved Air Ambulance Company

Our air ambulance service between Brazil and the UK has always been our most requested, most quoted and by far our busiest air ambulance route anywhere in the world.

Approved Air Ambulance Flights to Brazil

Our expertise, years of experience and extensive knowledge at providing a fully approved air ambulance service from Brazil to the UK has led IAS Medical to become one of Europe's largest suppliers of patient flights for this route. To see why please read our testimonials.

Flight Information

We understand that you will have practical questions about being repatriated from Brazil. To learn more please see the articles below:

The Price

We are confident that our air ambulance service is widely used, fully approved and second to none.

Most importantly we are competitively priced.

Our prices from Brazil start from as low as £94,500 !

Our price depends on the type of air ambulance aircraft, the number of medics required and the distance flown. To learn how costs are calculated please read our article: Air Ambulance from Brazil to UK.

Call for a Free Quote

To receive a free air ambulance quotation from anywhere in Brazil to anywhere in the UK please call 0870 042 1465 or Request a Quote Online.

Our Clients:

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