Tuesday 25 June 2019
IAS Medical Note Translation Service


Without doubt our mother would not be alive today were it not for IAS Medical's ability to deliver.

Sarah - London

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IAS Medical Note Translation Service

Medical Note Translation

At IAS Medical we must have medical notes for all patients before we repatriate by air ambulance.

The Medical Notes we request do not have to be in English and are often provided in other languages.

At IAS Medical we have the medical notes translated into English by professional translators who certify the translation for our use.

Live Telephone Interpreters

We have out sourced our telephone translation to a professional team of qualified telephone interpreters.

We now provide over 150 languages and multi-user conference calls to translate live conversations between IAS Medical, clients and hospitals 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

At IAS Medical we care enough to go the extra mile. If you have any questions please call 0870 042 1465.

Our Clients:

Private Air Ambulance Medical Repatriation Charter Clients