Monday 27 May 2019
Multiple Casualty Repatriation


IAS Medical is an MOD Registered Supplier of Air Ambulance Services.    

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Multiple Casualty Repatriation

During deployment or on detachment to any location in the world service personnel may require urgent medical evacuation (Medevac) or casualty evacuation (Casevac) by Air Ambulance in the case of injury or sickness during their tour of duty.

Urgent Evacuations

In emergency medical situations requiring urgent medical evacuations (Casevac / Medevac) you can rely on only an IAS Medical fixed wing air ambulance to be deployed in minimal time.

Whether a single casualty or multiple casualties need to be repatriated you can depend upon IAS Medical to offer you professional air ambulance services for any emergency situation irrespective of the theatre of operation.

Military Training

With over 10 years of Military knowledge and expertise our 24 hour team understand your needs and speak your language.

For immediate Medevac / Casevac air ambulance assistance, please call IAS Medical on +44 (0) 870 042 1465.

Our Clients:

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