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Medical Note Retrieval


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Medical Note Retrieval

At IAS Medical we have a duty of care to all our patients. A fundamental part of this is our commitment to obtain up-to-date medical notes from the doctor treating the patient.

Up-to-date medical notes are vital to ensure that we are properly prepared to medically support your loved one regardless of their clinical condition. Our possession of the medical notes also ensures that IAS Medical have in place all the appropriate equipment or specialist clinicians that may be required onboard the air ambulance to support our patient.

We do not require a copy of the whole medical file, instead a one or two page summary detailing the current condition, a brief medical history and any medication the patient is receiving is sufficient.

The Medical Notes do not have to be in English and can be (and often are) in any language. These will be translated by IAS Medical. To find out more please read about IAS Medical Translation Services.

The medical notes we receive are often a hand written summary by the doctor treating the patient and are created at the request of IAS Medical or family members.

Obtaining the medical notes from a foreign hospital is often one of the most challenging aspects of arranging a repatriation and should not be underestimated.

To learn more call our 24 hour Team on 0870 042 1465.

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