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Medical Equipment


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Medical Equipment

IAS Medical has access to comprehensive monitoring and life-support equipment to meet the needs of high dependency and intensive care patients. The standards are consistent with the guidelines set by the Intensive Care Society (Guidelines for the transfer of the critically ill adult, 2002).

All IAS Medical flights are bespoke and tailored to the particular patient needs and the aircraft will carry the correct level of medical equipment that the patient's medical condition demands.

Paedriatric & Neonatal patients can be medically catered for.

Drugs Comprehensive pharmacy to manage all main requirements of anaesthesia and intensive care, including controlled drugs.

Medical kitbag Includes basic and advanced airway, IV and arterial access kit, fluids and infusion equipment, basic surgical kit, chest drain.

Nursing kitbag Includes basic airway, IV fluids, dressings, catheters, temperature and blood sugar monitoring, emergency drugs and simple analgesics.

The air ambulance equipment available is constantly being reviewed and when necessary upgraded and added to and the items shown here are in current use.


Drager Oxylog 3000 ®

A time-cycled, volume-constant and pressure-controlled emergency and intensive transport ventilator. Ventilation modes CMV, CMVassist, SIMV, SIMV/PS, PCV+, PCV+/PS, CPAP, CPAP/PS Special modes: NIV (Noninvasive (mask)-ventilation with leakage compensation), Apnea Ventilation (For switching over automatically to volume-controlled mandatory ventilation, if breathing stops) CPR-mode: Pressure-limited, nonconstant-volume ventilation during inspiration time when Pmax is reached.

Intensive Care Ventilator BREAS LTV 1200 ®

Volume and pressure controlled; Synchronized
Intermittend Mandatory Ventilation; Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation;
Apnoea-Ventilation as a safety feature; Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation; Variable Oxygen from 21% - 100%

Spare Ventilator - Drager Oxylog 2000 ®

Emergency and intensive transport ventilator. Ventilation modes CMV, CMVassist, SIMV, CPAP. CPR-mode

Weinmann Medumat Standard ®

Automatic Ventilator for controlled and assisted ventilation which is always with the crew in the emergency backpack to be used in emergencies

Monitor / Defibrillator

Corpuls 3®

Modular compact defibrillator/monitoring devices with monitor, defibrillator/ pacer and patient box (including all measuring modules (ECG, SpO2, CO2, NIBP, IBP and Temperature), data exchange by Fast-IrDa or by a unique wireless network-technology while module disconnection to operate without any data or quality loss


Portable ICU Transport Monitor / Defibrillator, ECG Monitoring (4-Lead); 12 Lead ECG; Non Invasive Blood Pressure; Invasive Pressure Monitoring (2 Plugs); Saturation; Capnometry / -graphy; Temperature (2 Plugs)

Spare Monitoring - ROPAQ CS 246 ®

ECG Monitoring (4-Lead); Non Invasive Blood Pressure; Invasive Pressure Monitoring; Saturation
Capnometry / -graphy; Temperature (2 Plugs)

Propaq encore 206 ®

ICU-Transport-Monitoring with ECG (3Lead), NIBP, Oxygen-Sauration, Invasive Pressure Monitoring, Capnometry / -graphy; Temperatur
Control (2-Lead)

Spare Defibrillator - Schiller FRED ® defibrillator 

Multipulse Biowave ® (biphasic pulsed defibrillation
impulse, patented) defibrillator with manual mode, ecg-display and SpO2

PHILLIPS Heartstart FR2 ®

Automated external defibrilator.
SMART ® Biphasic waveform

Infusion Systems

Braun ® Perfusor Compact

Modular infusion system with Automatic rate calculation, Dose rate mode with the desired dose rate, integrated piston brake and automatic
drive technology

Braun ® Perfusor Space

Modular infusion system with Automatic rate calculation, Dose rate mode with the desired dose rate, Drug Library, integrated piston brake and automatic drive technology

Suction Units

Weinmann ACCUVAC Rescue ®

Offers pre-selected suction levels that can be set with the push of a button.

Blood Gas Analyser

Abbott i-STAT ®

Hand-held blood gas analyzer for rapid inflight triage and treatment decisions or monitoring a patient's treatment response (Sodium (Na) , Potassium (K) , Hematocrit (Hct) , Hemoglobin (Hgb), pH , PCO2, PO2 , TCO2 , HCO3 , BEecf , sO2 )

Ultrasound Scanner

Primedic ® Handyscan

Ultrasound scanner for mobile use in and outside the aircraft with 5-inch TFT LCD , 256 grey shades, Memory up to 160 images, 2-kg weight

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