Tuesday 25 June 2019
Financial Support Grant


Without doubt our mother would not be alive today were it not for IAS Medical's ability to deliver.

Sarah - London

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Financial Support Service

IAS Medical is an industry leader in repatriating patients worldwide.

As a result we often receive calls from people wishing to donate money to help patients who are unable to afford the cost of an air ambulance.

To cater to this IAS Medical has set up a fund which allows donations to be used to help support those who would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of an air ambulance.

It is clearly not feasible or desirable for IAS Medical to means test the family members of critically ill patients who need to be urgently repatriated. However, IAS Medical has created a set of guidelines that the family must meet in order to be considered for financial help.

Our Guidelines have not been made public to avoid fraudulent claims.

To find out more call our 24 hour Team on 0870 042 1465.

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